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Finding the Perfect Neighborhood

“Houses can form a neighborhood but only people can make it a community." Community is an...
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Five Essentials for the First Time Home Buyer

1. Don’t go on Blind Dates Don’t be set up. Assess in great detail what you are looking for...
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Six Simple Things You Can Do to Ensure a Smooth Home Purchase

Buying a home can be an emotional, time-consuming, and complex process. There are a few things that...
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How Not To Pay Too Much For Your Home

How to Not Pay Too Much for Your Home Whether you are buying your first home, or your fifth, the...
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Determine the Right Selling Price for Your Home

Request a Home Evaluation Today! The Right Selling Price Affects Your Bottom Line When you’re...
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Avoid the Most Common Buyer Errors

Shopping for a new home is an emotional experience. It’s also time consuming and comes with a...
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The Right Selling Price

The Right Selling Price Affects Your Bottom Line When you’re selling your home, the price you...
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Surviving the Sale

Surviving the Sale Selling a home can sometimes be a long, stressful, and costly process. Like...
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Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home: Where to Begin? First Impressions Remember what first attracted you to your...
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Common Selling Mistakes

Common Selling Mistakes Mistake #1 – Incorrect Pricing Every seller naturally wants to get...
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